✔️ STOP Using Chef's Choice Platter! BEST CUSTOM CANTEEN PLATTERS + FOOD SKILLS Monster Hunter World

I'm pretty sure this guy's drunk out of his mind because he has been talking to this little jar over here for like ever and that's all he ever talks to doesn't look at anybody else he just eats his chicken wings and then talks to the bottle it's very strange hmm where's she going I've never seen her get up before what all right well this guy is crazy he really likes to stare at his chicken wings but anyways everybody welcome back to Monster Hunter world today we're gonna talk about the canteen and why you should stop using the chef's special and start utilizing custom meals because you will be so much happier anyways hope you guys all enjoyed the video let's go ahead and get into this so there are quite a few ingredients in Monster Hunter world but once you actually start looking into it making custom meals really isn't that complicated there's a few basic things that we'll get into in here in just a moment but we look at the chef's choice platter you'll see that it looks really good because it's the only meal here that gives you plus 50 health and plus 50 stamina you get help for your palico and then you get a small attack boost up sometimes a small defense boost up we never really get the the maximum that you can actually get out of your meals now you can go down here and it doesn't look as good because you don't have as much health and your palico doesn't get as much stuff and then you really don't a lot of people don't even pay attention to the actual food skills that you're getting from this let alone the ingredient effects so you've got a few things here that give you certain different skills like the the meat platter right here gives you FEA and Ryder which makes it easier to mount monsters and then of course you have your daily skills as well we can actually go up to the custom platter and you can see all the daily skills that you can get during the day so right now we can get the sometimes decreases damage taken increases bow-gun damage but also increases deviation and then we also got prevent stumbling when jumping down from high places now these are nice little bonuses that you can get when making your meals and they'll randomly show well they won't randomly show up but they will show up in order on the food skills when they're not fully taken up by the actual ingredients so now one thing that you need to keep in mind is that thief the health boast and the stamina boost all can be recovered by eating in the field by either using a max potion nutrients or actually just eating some food you can actually get all of the health and all of the stamina aside from your palico by just eating something in the field so there's really no reason just to make the chef's choice platter just because you get the plus 50 health and plus 50 stamina when you're later in the game you're gonna have so many materials that you can just craft some max potions or the nutrients and just eat something in the field to recover all of those stats that you're missing so really what you want to do is start focusing on some of these food skills that you can get as well as the ingredient effects and that's what we're gonna get into right now now before we get into some of the custom meals that I recommend using I gotta go over exactly how you get these skills and the ingredient effects so when you're under the meat tree here just on the first one that you pop into any of these meats if you stack six of them well basically every two that you put into a meal will give you an attack up so if you stack two you're going to get attack of small four is going to be medium and then six is going to be a large and now this you get every time no matter if it's fresh meats or not or fresh ingredients or not you'll notice that no matter what we do as long as you're putting six meals or six ingredients inside of it you're always going to get the 50 stamina so all you're going to have to do when you go into the field is eat something that's going to recover all the health that you're missing so this doesn't actually increase your maximum health so what it does is basically it makes it so you don't have to eat anything when you go into the field to rejuvenate that health but I would much rather have the attack up large and also being able to get our food skills now this goes for a different defense or elemental resistances as well so we can actually just go ahead and cancel this selection let's see that we go in if we want defense that we're just gonna go ahead and go over to the fish and if you want a large defense build you're gonna go ahead and stack six fish in here and you'll get that or you can go ahead and just get a medium defense build here and then if you're fighting something where you want elemental resistances you're gonna go ahead and put some vegetables in here and there we go and now we've got defense medium and elements low resistance so right now we're just going over the ingredient effects we'll get into the skills in just a moment but you'll notice here that we put in one fresh ingredient and that's how we got our health to increase now you don't really need your help to increase as I said before there's multiple different ways to do that in the field it's not something that I'm ever really concerned about but the reason you want to be concerned with the fresh ingredients is because having fresh ingredients will increase the activation chance for your food skills if you're going for something specifically for skills a lot of the times I'm just going for the status effects because those I'm gonna get every single time and then the food skills are just a little bit of a bonus if I can manage to make it into them into the custom meal now you're probably asking what does beer add to your status effects now the unfortunate thing about beer is it does not add any ingredient effects so there is no absolutes increase to your stats when you're using any beer stuff but you can get some pretty cool skills when actually using this now the one I like to use and which I'm using a lot now versus anything else is actually all of these here which you can actually when you stack six of them get lucky cat which sometimes increases the number of reward items received at the end of a quest now this can come in really handy when you're farming for gems or any of those rare materials that you're out in the field trying to get and this will proc quite often even with a low activation chance every time I've used this I've had a zero percent activation chance and I've gotten it pretty much every single time but one now you can also see some other really cool skills in here which you can put into any build that you want we're not build but custom meal this one reduces the time between gathering point respawns not so great but this one's pretty good if you're farming up money increase the amount of zener you receive at the end of a quest that is pretty good you only have to stack four of these for that or the other one you've got some skill info here prevents knockbacks while carving that can be really handy if you're playing against douchebags or with douchebags but it's really against increases the number of research points to receive at the end of the quest and then Fae line carver often increases the number of times you can carve which if you're farming for gems or any of the other carving specific materials can come in very very handy now these skills and ingredient effects are the reason I highly recommend making your own custom meals instead of just going ahead and using whatever the custom chef's choice platter is of the day as you can see here he is using all fresh ingredients but it's the only real benefit is the plus health so that we don't have to eat in the field but this sometimes the skills you can get out of here are really good and the activation chance is very high but that does not mean it's an automatic thing that you're going to get even if you do have all fresh ingredients you're not guaranteed to get all of the food skills but here this is actually pretty good we've got failing polisher often speeds up sharpening time and then this one here Faline sharpshooter increases the number or increases the power of normal shots and normal arrows but this can be hit or miss you never really know what you're gonna get obviously if it's something that's good all the way across the board you might as well do it but a lot of times you can make a much better platter by just going into here now if you're looking for just pure attack we can go ahead and just that in there pretty fresh meal and then today we want Phelan polisher for increasing our sharpening time and then another really good one here is to put in these which is vigor so we can either go for greatly extends the invulnerability period when getting up or we can go for the black belt which reduces stamina depletion when evading which is what I usually like to try and go for now if we're happy with the attack up we can see if maybe there is some more of the vigor stuff because the vigor does go all the way across up until the beer so if you really want to try for ingredients and don't really care about getting more ingredient effects you can go ahead and just look for more fresh stuff here but really we're just gonna go ahead and go for the large attack boost and we're gonna see if we can actually get all of the food skills as well as the large attack boost just by doing this we're gonna go ahead and confirm that and see what happens and there we go so we got the large attack up and we got Fae line black belt which is arguably much better than the actual speed sharpening because that way now we're gonna be using less stamina and we're using dual blades right now so that's going to be very beneficial as well as the large attack alright so now that we're in the field I just wanted to go ahead and show you that even though it shows that we only have 110 health and we got 350 stamina it also boosted our attack into the 294 range is pretty good we want more health so we can just go ahead and eat a max potion here real quick and you'll see that our health can get all the way up to that 150 maximum so it's not something you really have to worry about as long as you have max potions or the nutrients to go ahead and increase your health I just wanted to go ahead and show the difference between the large attack and the small attack you'll see that we have 273 right now with the large boost we were at 294 which was a 21 and dent or a 21 attack increase we'll go ahead and pay with money well do these chefs choice platter which gives us the attack of small sometimes it'll be medium most the time it's small it's missing mixing so many different ingredients we have a chance for polisher right or Carver or all three of them rather I'll go ahead and make this and see what happens to our attack I think when you get three are all fresh ingredients you do have a hundred percent chance to get all three skills I realized I misspoke earlier but right now we got a 280 attack so we got seven increased attack versus the twenty one we get from the large so it's probably about seven seven attack for each tier of attack now personally I would much rather have the higher attack defense or elemental resistance then quite possibly a couple food skills that I'm not really going to use anyways now there's another thing that you need to pay attention to when you're actually getting food skills there might be some daily skills you don't want like this one this is one of the daily skills today which is failing provoker draws monsters attention increases the likelihood of being targeted you might not want this team might want to go ahead and just make a meal with VP defense up because it's gonna be it's on the last one so it's always gonna be something that it's possible to get so you can actually stack for different types of skills if you so desire we'll go into some of the skills I recommend getting but I always recommend this one for melee for the speed polishing chance and then we can go ahead and maybe just stack two here so you can see that you can actually get rid of the daily skills completely if you don't want to deal with the feline provoker or something like that so that might be something you want to keep an eye on there we go now I got rid of the provoked er just in case that's not something you want it might be something you do want though sorry about that so you've got the paralysis sleep stun poison bleeding blast plate and the flu being build up the ones you're gonna be focusing on is obviously the poison stun paralysis or sleep this is going to help any of those builds and then you get the added chance of either of the second or the daily skills you can get all three or you can maybe just get one or two or you know it's goods completely random but that's when I definitely recommend if you're running out of a normal status build and then here we've got the fey line sharp shoe which increases the power of normal shots and normal arrows so anybody using one of the bows or labo guns you're gonna a lot of this you've also got the Fay line black belt which reduces stamina depletion and unfortunately we've got provoker on here but that's you know that's a daily scalp that's really no way to avoid it you can actually go ahead and change this well actually you can't change it because we are stacking a couple or all six of our food goes to that one so we can't get rid of the third skill and then obviously I highly recommend actually using once you unlock all the beer you'll unlock a new meal down here called the lucky liqueur platter which will give you that lucky cat sometimes increases the number of reward items received at the end of a quest which is a very good now there is one other a very very good bonus vouchers so when you use a voucher it allows you to be able to eat a meal that guarantees any of the skills that you want when you use a voucher it doesn't matter if you have fresh ingredients as far as the skill activation chance so this is absolutely amazing so here is when I like to actually make sure to use the hunters brew if I need it I'll use it for use it with a voucher now you can get vouchers from doing the arena so I highly recommend doing the arena to get vouchers so that way you can unlock any skills that you want as well as the ingredient effects then you can always boost your health while you're in the field so this one is really good when you're going for something is very specific like if you're running the the Fay line specialist where you want the six acumen things to increase your potency of normal stats tax or if you're trying to get a good stack of three different things you can go ahead and use a voucher and you will get all of the skills so I went ahead and made my go to ingredients list which is for the a large attack boost and then going ahead and going for the failing polisher which often speeds up sharpening time and then we've got the Fay line black belt which reduces dam the depletion when evading blocking or whatever and you'll see that with the voucher we've got a hundred percent activation chance even with only having one ingredient we've got the +10 health but as I said before we can go ahead and maximize that with a max potion and we'll go ahead and confirm this order the meal and wham bam thank you ma'am we have all of the food skills that we wanted activated activated so I hope this little tutorial helped you all out I highly recommend making a couple custom platters that you can go ahead and choose from when you so desire and it's really going to help improve your damage defense or elemental statuses if you start making your own meals and then you can also target them for some food skills if you so desire but anyways that is all I've got for the episode if you guys have any fun or interesting food combinations please let me know and the viewers know in the comments below and as always I'll see you all in the next one bye

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