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you and the Surya Nunnally care about the patient were there ready Oh what card only an emergent oh no particular particular night party camera like I don't get it a person is a little insulting lesson yeah sorry is instilling the villain are this world rats are aware how Dennis Wonder in the cocoon rang de basanti nominate decide for now my dream other yarrow chorus or a Mary as a face into the lava the man evasion who really the Cacambo Domilise's on the resin and also tango or dr. key and ethereal neat about the energy theory on actor the ethereal being a ground the negative fellows ran away very patiently but non again and again a a negotiation about the neon only energy in our three-week a llama he can make it to yell at evening hour and I even only can agree eunuch and not drink joining now it'll appear is whereas its I'm gonna play the catchy coryza all of us I was a professor in Madras University Edea can be the look of the porno and I need to be insulting la come on imma need to put the LAN adapter on it certainly often I think I can he's a very good talker I don't need to Buddy gather background however I need the layers and I told him do you want to do get the k-league buzzer Salama surya : again the primary funding at the video know him from Adam I know Oliver the mana you were patient encounter I love Pat Warren Vuitton CBAC school Kendriya Vidyalaya now or their school said bors country either yet Philip III busy other than the millinery like Vanakkam RCL made a needle shield moon to moon beliefs antipodal me come I will see Palmyra through regular Ovid Sharonda edema glaze and eternal near granularity very Rome under vivienda económica power one of the Saracens annular tear Amma subrahmanyam number da Ricky are eradicated by the canary air canada VAR until I were to make it boom Monica material Rama Superman himself on Akram certain the new education policy Kasturi uncommon Takata and the neurology to methanol epoch of our every kid dropped a other one the metallic worker optical character will lead to can get nary a virtual terminal Emerson another penny to reconquer model in the new education policy in a lava kitada sorry Amon overlooking an Amana would look a partum put the code here at learning akka neon degrom acutally King Amano niushan Alberto Margo on me lay this area terraza Nureyev shingle null is it again yeah Internet not and amid the namib Arkham City another idea Illume a surreal any pacesetter than girls a yeah I make resident and uncurse very without at the gate normally a constitution article 21 yeah unless older than nah I never become Calvi in brother Ida pedigree make every missile true yet alive a cylinder a blimp Athena are lame padeen illusory can adorn analyst train the timeless were Rico and the American uh Nadine Tandy in the article 45 directive principle state policy knows of the man all races for a vehicular cookie amount of Laconia Kali akuno pedroka Allison home whenever they bring remain only solidity if the polysilicon ranganna pre-kg land upon analyst erica and the cat I shall be a bringer the window abdomen in solid ganga either when the Roomba para el cata cada the beyond the scope of water has been mentioned in the Constitution even assault resolution de for a point on on Parkington are the hair in the pre-kg LKG you can hear the life a Eureka here in Collinwood and the oppas a pop art informer here the is Melanie a prisoner you're getting none other than the vallerta head hold the Polka her car they actually Holloway and accordingly give man Rhambo putting Hume City I don't want my good man a color it's not a goober other not pocketed a E&K I have come to be my angle I come to come you get is it far everyone get it in a la pata only easy a hard worker at the school who were they won at the Bernard a new country accordingly in the mighty with yet someone over sir dollar their na na de la Petite in the new education policy like Syrian is a must a little contrived lie to me naturally an ordered a logarithm Infiniti sitting so easily given a level Mishima Hanan Park rain Mundra the hair people there are severe patrick whirring in the room buddy America address all wrong a patella compared to melee or severe heard Davey Hindi producing a mathematician out of the manga other number custom honest imagine in our only period of we not even denying Allah teaches our training room be important school reggae and the in the subject the aerodrome I'm gonna get a Honda brother and therefore the lamp a deal Inari a very very bahasa leopard rig into the city either now everything a lot harder to the hair mu Mori cold here but he accorded me a hey Larabee messing about trying Wow and that look one particular Mariko he and with the burn on da na nanika city yeah pre-cana CBSE school sleeper and generously in the air tangela sorry go Moo Maury and buddy Rick and other other other metal due to poor Donna Linda Calvey where I will tackle any solar personal umbrella school are called a part of the lane they are they pre-k Julie they were not unless we gain even da memoria bringing the Erica have gone on you theory inaudible even on the are metal on demand Andre yes harmony pay CBSE school I'm John lastly in the a tankless every Comorian be irrigated a pyro and last length award more inaudible saving on all now I'm on the Maury ever cut them to deliver without question that is going to the agenda analodjica hey papa tallow Maria party to do what the subject line on par yamaha yama alikum we get under my word AMA I do – Bryan tobogganing approving the plus point and a piker than a noun either be a shoulder ganga inspector rides in the school arm you know I'm Dina I went around pavada but apparently the lingual a very nice olive room brain and a problem like injury allergen Theory other Abdullaev would in a lemon ma tree and the school say Arabic Allah only iron chillin on a moon Russia to learn the rules and regulations Ibrahim wherever recognitions old are they accreditation is Menifee reliever did not elaborate actual radiation laboratory independent agency I want the party is a nice area can you be every five years on going there a new Pannonia and the accreditation I think the warawara broken today I didn't Ali regime artitude ahead I pay today I'm at the really hella private schools and open Internet again and I know this will a public school of didn't really live water into Kenya now that they're there no pray way did other than the public in English and Republicans on La Jolla holiday a government school uber them public in a military even go into public and so Ron Allen career and then public in a bar telling you when I either will do or an illusion are the data in the licensee remand inspector rides you llama corn alley me happy really quality improve on an ANA grant accreditation are bigger there Paul either not he'll the party room but from Adam and the system work I in Turkey Analia I remember Tevye Hannah Erica Nadia and the Jelena the ACA can't be cold here in salute I mean either national become a curriculum obligated a center nahi / coordination carry your curriculum framework to the 2005 other basement in the NCR be our goodness see at the arigato alum books on important organ and the nerim Oracle ILOM Nathan what a book under them they see lol every part of their done rather young a very Merry cooked Rongai other adequate and apparently and CRT or go for this check normal day I'm Gary Cooper in la tower a Centurion or a well now not one day never about bringing more artists that I have no more danger today now in the Hindi outrigger on other than 109 and I'm the poiice Oliver grumble oh yes Elena would note ivory you know English mantra they were a Hindi a pressure on Manila 3 we are all marine celebrant Tom not about the ringing hindi nirupa hundred city yen I'm the invasive exam button on the percent of the people are studying are speaking in the abrini they'll pull us all trying another I'm going ever Malayalam parody markup Aquila I mean can you believe accompaniment a taper Malayalam paella initially readily Andhra border lyrical and get the linear the gala you bring Larry Ganem poking today not majority of the students are well they Hindi in a parting a piranha either wouldn't our alien renowned category I'm sorry yeah they impose mantra enforcement is killing our mother in the pre-k gel and they and the man or the Mumuni could be an antenna now then I another abandoned splitting it up ricotta crostini printer and even yeah on the other crew net you'll allow bad either way I don't worry go here that Vernon dryer moon and I'm gonna accept Nagila now more I except when you get an ayap a national one is Apple and Ryan Jahnke lastly and they a time I swear again the CBS label recording it and I saw you can read city you know lon another point are deter the have beer day when the tiny awakening or were they are a pawn of lease or not I think an olive comfortable be a day at the gala are the way party business and analyze a research orientation all over the part of a mere Daenerys abortion today a very ugly record an Aloha severe on on decide matter now what I want to be I've been departing in a Nala and Mary a severe upon on are several birds and there were petty panoply of or an other participation school you are Allah on all other a minus point owner in Anna and the right educational attacked in over examination teachers eligibility test summary do need a cash about Nevada have an on a Wilbur birthday you know Digman carry array over teacher a theory go for it now and I said when you did me a long Woody's do on the not even a bullet methylation be rather a relic here you're not even aware there are no bring it on where is another way in the very nonpartisan when the protectin or examination integrating either illness or an either were what a contradiction are you would possibly let her take the pond right there when Oliver asked me anything in your at the ending here but we don't wanna come buddy as you know virtually play I don't do in John appealing is often the tactility really you know garage I reckon I'm gonna get yeah but in a press any crack like Oakland ringing yes Eddie so either you know Mookie minutiae our own plus find initially the crew burrata salad right flexibility as a by Nia or open a history but it's in thinking it didn't will go to a server the you know things you a silly nyah-nyah notably Alana I serve and they I wanted to be an engineer yeah and Allah o Allah may have occurred in Sorna you know are migrant and and the flexibility a ecologist la Cucaracha really not hello and veterinary Rigby City Nani Paulo Pierre part three guy a teacher I don't know yeah other would you did an apartment were the our own da up ramp in Edina Park the lawyer up from Adam and I shine many in together you know there another carpentry 11 the PhD Bernie together so in the middle of flexibility irrigate and ultimately land the matter flexibility in your condo around a higher education of cuando Ranga Herrera gets actually a pair is a implementing a park important area an alarm central area on the curriculum zoning on Allah email either necessary Iranian a definite don't know they what idea I yell at me right in Shalimar you know human Russia salud right api yeah the question allow in the borough yarrow group of more someone are they a bigger Amer landlord impatient I mean the fact of a single Immokalee yet the taganga hardening aniridia so little ni erica has Aldrin on RSS India Bharat II know brahma puri sri algorithm a seminar on or the manga honglei Sarah Khouri he'll actually bring in the linear deeper known new education bodies come on nyira candidate now the layer didn't trigonometry but if you want to see that how would a pave me Gina I am you do run down there Nikki not if it didn't allow for the dragon series so I'm not only given the RSS a name for a sort of movie one night we are doing very practical said oh you do owner draft about final I'm worthy are a song hey there together the lady not a deer money given da d RS Asami poor news low solder curricular saloon is a Radisson yeah – over Russia sure number one everyone will keep on with it yeah one guy elliot allagash it appears all alone burlap city i would run the and the surya an early here about the patient where they're sitting oh but card only an emergent oh no particular particular night party carolina are doing today as i already addressed when i open a nice little dollop on all first-year seminar not gonna be a policy when the pair here anjaan are layer known on earth unit neither one the complete i and are non at the end but now the park Angela Merkel and party chief day non Woodberry Mela education is nowand Anya college IRA grammar schools really grown yet alarm I want on you know other than a patient other means bigger than the video like Sadie upload twenty behind you are on their denial appropriately so uh play naive election of the city motherliness or grandma state the census examination we re gonna moon and glossy and jungle a secret unless he's on the board exam saliva gas third time D either way credential not learned at the pony anything remaining in the position now nobody got al-qaeda until a team is you know wandering at City me one hour in order to comes your home you got a man on a monitor the Camilla Rhiannon a state Aberdeen Eleonora Sangam census examination table Rina Moodle glossary lending a how would a skills CEO Howard a capability in getting a where they stand happening at the landing it can can do believe their partial tear you cannot analytically the past one at imparted their life super long remembered are the ending of moon analyst is one of the yeah bye-bye mother again Nina be more and dinosaur again what I had over the hurdle portal operating leader in the morning last fr Malawi education reporter who said there would be quite a nice volume worth it I'm gonna comparison to the I want anyway my artists on the washing out of the water brings on all other one the other bye-bye I wasn't covered a classic example children you they marry or proposal and jungle I say at angle Ursula is Mary would have shared exemption under the burning Sun oh now I see a sea border in this one a man now he died except when he came alone I mean our parents know we're a vegetated burn Armstrong a horribly quite ordinary another he the king being the marriage or Illuminati president only regret and the president departing in our and the ICC scarcely the Maria is in a really pretty – Adonis another other gone well depending on Mary I'd say right now so are they in again Jody at out on the semester Brandon I definitely could I say I look a will give me I want part number dta944 and pair in has chaired the census examination Rama opening lyric important lissiholler I possibly later land them on the CB no we also know we are in the field of education for a any number of years cell and we know about it Sadie Anala Haru she rented aha you impotent man Surya sha na na na na a grand plus tuning game monitoring it plus – Monica – not even a presenting in the either getting in there were a semester system I don't their own brother but I don't know pun and it a delay in a number cover later accordion or not and the part of your leg on the over oh really know your name you know 18 Allah but I didn't say mmm I'll gamma dissemination boom on the board I sent me say you with denial pepper is no other so we're at kneecap I not if you've made for the power from paper suppose for normal other laying in there with the Linea nigra portray are the other Yannick you connect to our area now do bar the air maybe connect Cooper not good I'm on again and again anyway in the employ promenade me and it kind of won't do science neither you did anyway I said only city either nothing is subject to flexible I don't know what under the Elantra Mary Coronel ago vitiligo other Mariana Kanagawa radius is already an intruder any signs or and economics particle to particular have been or one is all yell at any party sang yarn over bring remedy so now at the end of its range I am like a great city yeah other wonder by you with Eenadu paper ruler and in the city so under twenty four five percent now in the past but no no other therapy no but in our papers other nights I say Briana Clah I've been listening I don't live in school la Valliere is abre so whom both are in the panel unless you are you on your DISA mister let with my in moon here with another Mohammed examination others over now in the alpine occurrences the pain are aware but either lovin they were running now in the foreign language owner the gallant sorry I've been here now are the common result great mmm I think I already sorted in the woman either way is you getting where language in remember the pioneering lastly I would know very say CBSE school shall have what you're not out of you I'm Zhang lesson there Danglars very good why not realizing worried about my language a Appetit later composite me game ml ml is a particularly the parting line you get the Nollywood look sorry childhood I'm sorry other but the Victorian alum you reckon the path in and a subjection ah wouldn't a mathematics it really designs paper only Indian history you know no world world history I put a one in knowledge of contemporary India how did the one in me ethics and philosophy only economics a you know the business one in business are commerce said upon a digital literacy computer up Rwanda one in art one in physical education to vocational subjects either equal to be impart no no either more basic language Assyrian no mahtim a binary paper other tower a yard one subjects either liar didn't know Mata my you know with another paper and ink was funny – Oh Sadie operating anytime gurugram Konoha the landing is a little Aruba samus is not ready our dinner by ready on a para anything la other delights really it again you would happen so meal and I and a putting an antigen and I you know signs whatever either uni a couple country niaruna say yeah I'm a love the bitch so Allah character say Surya so now I shall draw he every knee and undulate Allah hey yeah how did the day you know my dear person is a little insulting listening yeah sorry accelerating the villain are do this well grants are aware our Dennis one right next up Indra other one they are solid am not sorry yellow buddy maybe in they were in the master courtesy very you know dropped it and after y'all learning Quran it is in public domain you'll learn opinion Shalala I'll see you right there weirdly or at the gamma decay reality matter moving upon open rapper now it's all done yeah Justin because he is very popular I was wondering is up or now by either in the fact you know a sentiment a decide for now my arena other yarrow chorus or a Mary as a patient again amazing saying absolutely idiotic open Ramapo are they have put yet another oh yeah yeah yeah organize later published if they are getting bad name order to the cat appeared again in the Mary writing a scenario a particle in solar three our families your mother on the kircheis are now only a particular entering law only kaput is a little air put your column equal to kill in regular how many nobody shining energizer non-university Mukhopadhyay another yell nothing in a patient and rally and the pudding moody they put you can be goalie gay but yeah we'll get nothing really sorry he's the hottest shield fire either won't the table other para Cheney woodworking or the top or I try to put them on solo who tunnel is it saying either who do dallenogare de tournay no government a decipher nudity pajama together a place around are blaming a doll everything you know you do yaja time guru boom sorry mark earlier I'm good one more time good morning and I saw the opéra de da en de my dad colony together against honored in VBA sick poor they need to ban down on Sonya other way it does become a fait accompli as one do you think everywhere of shame on all en ik and Amerian dry interest example in Chile doing both in the panelists mood is a para hey we're a national testing agency are and they need later than northern embargo on a northern online national testing agency now and are gonna other computer here on the a la paz pani non-college upon owner da on the college's University celadon Omar Allah even a company like long ago tamarkan apparent the college in a coupon ago tomorrow I won't mother in I don't know who to Ponyville not an alum are going in the CUDA in the whenever the semester by semester Liana Lamar going in the order in the national testing agency even the entrance exam Baker on okay usually a mess or aa quote she cooed are they you lay in the policy sort of coaching business Mary Allah Allah Nevada have come abdomen the children right another contradictory NR give the coaching illumining and the abri example spooning it Mohammed II Coppola not Hill on but a sad day act an exemption I review entrance insemination yelling you are the enemy of ordering in City the other parents related to him and a national testing agency only you don't you present Jana the exact idea serious or not not I'll allow or our wire given I'll ever be made open up Coursera the theory out the popular and man and their I would get those sincere away I don't another so I would a kept good work at how are they use for another how they cover it money we got our on thought of running a city our unit Saldana yeah poor oh yeah yeah do I get minimum opera maple can't bother you uppity recover today our a and you're not even in your Nara bina easily put me in that yeah yeah Laden Amla lying I think your anger at Murray would a bin but the create wondering in here below articles my English level imparted to pockets on you la la serie I'm penciling you only know what a target on our eyes I mean and you know wanna party controlling at that said hundreds of being ammulu me I the party season are look at the currents it alone the crypto regime mirakuru so ragged are they young BC monarchy am BC teaming up either a little can be a third katakana in the valley elementary art Ellis are they for example Yin Yin okay now the other AG pay stub resolver la la da da pronoun suriname are you recovering the matter for knowing a bit other would a comfort level only desire a school a when Arabic school Dragana on a long way and I tell you anything I would on the people will not like it sir are the cool case in Arabic man or a prion dominga the cupola or II am busy man you know V Seamon only busy teacher teacher in America now play now unless allah sorry there laughs yo the guy sorry the other is pacer only raise money would a hard-and-fast economy with the quality teachers you're gonna take the exam fast money you're gonna be at a party chill you know in the viola still as the love like symbolize the now love based on yet me go into whatever vascular running either brianna i think you can tell it is a flexible other lap upon the angle opportunity hard and fast rule on obeys allah who do you can google developed even faster nirakari also l'm not that but now in are you shaking my soul in there against Erie keepin a Yannick ain't they deliver to Ponca dieting are the defending even they party Mela party get a block roadblock you create man drowning in the semester system either proceeding I have markandrews a a prom memorial hanger in pre-kg Lee in the Panama clustering of our online jewelry I'm sorry upper all the teachers to create a examination weren't angry Eliza but did not meet but it you know marble into your tent examination nah I think you are putting the people into so much of rare difficulty I'm a property would harm our tiny puppet election barrel MLM Ella in the marriage so me a pork and everything in life you pretty learn area we should another getting a prom college of ordering and knowledge evening imparting Anna and affiliation desire to granny one day now rhombus on door Sean because would call a delay would University or that yell at the affiliate problem it is not possible on the weather around a thera-band Surya Sun and you know core America for the night nearly a believer in Alaska another know the specific guys or nasara and I am talking about Nadia Surya the city ie pain area colleges whatever I'm a new where what I lack a being a very pure and when I was wrong you know the percentage the Khalil is my I am bearing malaria abdomen okay mr. Ryan a bigger institutions have or no Nadia passing a particular Marion upon the number for a thon is seen you say what is innovation tape and you know give me a technologist in England there was genuine Runyan are then very harsh religion you know which in taganga engineering colleges you are relying model why sell in a day we were 8.0 contouring so you're gonna call a number runs along good not a prayer Jenny make kadai has aa Hawaii Allah I'm gonna surround this edge orientation you could really see La Jolla and the US my children Ivy League you call our university since your Laura but top classes under the Maryland syllable unplanned Benita Ganga are they made a research orientation ELISA Mattila regular woman party pal I am I really think campaign but remarried Larry who know completely for researched up Rwanda and the academic tradition in gear Camry llama honking knock upon rubber conduit so I'll try the school of ordering him a limit not maybe were institutions a mulligan i threaded ation coupon a happening at least sold ranga up around the affiliation a llama you la me independent area for the autonomous body recover what is a a paragraph colleges ranked order by 2030 they will become independent autonomous institution a lot perfectly right say spending our globally america learning you're denying our eye on a lightly neuro institutions are you get Sonya Vanna I will be surveyed Papa theorem car over a number of meaning you are no better pour me a min ago to pick a bigger institutions with them more number of children from a fantastic facilities rather than earlier than as a series another individual now another man and I get researching with ania research a pleasure a regular studies up Robin a regular said easy no no it's in taganga even metella different layers now it seems we have more number of children aren't they particularly they're respecting international standard universities really not let it everything you found or no you can get it ready in an area pair upon upon I on our own Appa they're better already not relating even the particular at noon area beer party King given other than that bra main institutions other Lambeth you remember Sheila excellent suggestions on aggregate city I know undermine institution I wanted to me Surya the Cacambo thermally sees on the resin and also trying or a doctor and a theory on either but the yellow theory on actively an ethereal being a gangly I'm very sorry now at a Nevada Marilla but Diana gave a and again a a negotiation about 300 only another named Nathalie big a llama sorry now I am in the field of horoscope and I started my career as a part-time lecturer in an uni college right I think up and I was a professor in in Madras University Edea can be the look of the poor no need to be insulting Allah need to put the other day in and out three send me – I think I can he's a very good doctor I don't need to buy together background how long I need two layers a little Nigel um do you want say when I need the pass one doughnut on doctoral boring they're opting so not okay even get dumped Ramada man I love do you know either give me a pass gonna that polyp airplane or a coyote institution in the yellow men available a IMSA MDMA MBI Ganga cherry on top wailing la hey come on that does not talk about is ready Eva Marcille thinking about it so let us not talk amenazó Yeti body occasional is it Jerry I'm answering any theory on I am with the men are turning all the thousands and thousands of people every mile every year Siri you persevere pour out and solidad cardinali and we're gon let you through piranha Hanukkah tinea I started it there now armed with racial delight every worker they rely they we shade that how I got a suggestion pulled over to my other Mary ain't there they opening at the gaming / seminar nothing at 25 and re aware of the bestial in Yankee popular I'm with the heiress in Marylebone and popularity gotta go now we wrote on the page you look at you put it on panel in memory of a positive our opportunity to move reading a negative I yell at even Yahweh and naive and only Canada being even again nothing joining now another period whereas I'm gonna play all of them are in the putiak Albie Cole given the color can be more a Mario people other nice Sonny's 11th they're either in the Mary will be right there negative fellows on an array very patient reacts a sadness or on you know trade as he is going around randomly go there kula he'll be like today as cool as can be a moon re-airings Allahu Yanis imagine are they schools run array Arabic umbrella caliber of eldest kuru para but the N ever left I'm going up over the OP I would again with Olivia she's now with the MacArthur Quran Saba than general Raja G career that all they sign the medina world even other than the waiver and only shift and a motto no I'm doing it or medically Sadie who's Chuck do they're doing a school is a long calc I did imagine our little school loop on all column propaganda Lima Alamos there is a way and recognize what are we I thought things you gonna are they my plumbing a hotels you know but electrical workers out there is you gonna I believe now or a Jaipur Russia me a theory I rather worried go boys open a water pipe lay the problem you know if there's any your consciousness then I don't mind um Delia upon the problems they solve on number II other you looking for me and I go Brazil are Gomorrah no sirree I mean literally anime 3 has another greater corner layer tracker is your mother on Jordan let's go to the gay other Katrina the cooler Calvin are to make a daily usual do you I think them on over a non-arab look like a classy examples on that Yannick a carpentry solely booted on a school leg now for carpenter are again yeah no did I hear this are they Marian what a brother la how much your honor dive home turn on school upper decomposed I'm gonna kill said I want do were options and you're tired with him down oh yeah yeah you think a love of man I do by you my love we're doing down we're doing the trip I think I put a potent area so much it now with the a nobody party buddy you know being a family canary every K so nigh an OD a pilgrim until now you were saying one abhorrent routinely give best year we were Saitama in the price angry but yeah are the every Passover our school and adoption subjected in the city but on the other hand on the Lea for Holly he became a chartered I won't drag an area really not enough work for number on the under passion ordering your the valassir city upon the passion awakening a there I want the Jindo well apparently there's a Jerry yeah you got like you're not getting around are now doing the hula girl Pecola girl Mina and I wonder why you're my own area near America Corrigan America and the coracle a validity in the political career area in right now and the already I have you in suggestions to government sorry if I even the mighty polishing linearity so leave again both the higher education mmm and I am the school lemon my education upon our teachers opera home and the syllabus see the lamp Athena polishing up in the you know sauna Mary the universe knowledge the alum but be patient in arma de la mattina really the game now a little negative the positive our buyer Sadie I definitely feel the Human Resource Development Minister will be looking at it very positive power oddly I'm going to marry by HRD minister and pouring over the like education means your name Matranga designation a theory it's all very good yen upon the leucadendron other dilemma if they're not very keen Haruna patients a higher percent of the GDP no even a quadratic Commission I lied either way the patina subrahmanyam by 2030 Pecola Rama 6% of the GDP is you guys dream says there are none of Shiva Lea circuit IC Oracle missile either like you know the Cledus or movie need uppity you do me any other of the insult wrong laser setting you know with you create a long wonder sir you mean shut up on all hearing me I hear a guy so sure socially backward a bringer than they have some of honey the I'm doing everything on based on other bodies so a little gangga rama rama parameter to milan serie company i will get other d podium but the pier condo Kulu are the pawnee running a curriculum so look what over now surely they can overlook a classic example i think that and the detail switching again same year was a percent of the so she Allah but most American gravity na you do with the only ones it maybe I don't want to definite and the reservation ok I kept order life-saving are they in candy i 100% away where our facility say Nike the 11 I already will go and they go through the sir under a seriously yeah hey Rekha Maria's easily Anthony embrace Ranga – r3b Shawna already what is in vogue constitutional nosotros other than I or depending on in John 11 are the in Gandhi only the rhombic a shepherd Roger a breach on right you do with the percent of the people on is you know the personnel people 100 percent waiver no quarter on Eddie who are your left and I think Mary yeah other artists that never percent of the people in the number person our patient Roman is in the region are the embassy play Sarah Sarah Gilliland our lecture on the definite amber person whom anthem was the percent of the people get Nora little they hear everything is nothing again on the way one could appoint you though depending upon the condition of the person sorry operating a Goliath you need 11 the foil on Chilean to Iran yeah Kate I worry about Roger thumb what was it practical a patient record a Zion Allah they were in the old hangars pudiera man Adama came on a point I know Felicia tell you that Paul is seeing at the India centric setting another Yan re-appear food again kappa particularly in the company's people including will be fine yeah yeah now in the we're in the very education policy immunity I was wounded cannabinol will be already para maryam collage Arum opera mama Papa Remy and the Peru me are the lion me yet email any adoro wouldn't may 11 Arden grammarian I said Theresa Lepore hundred mega sorry it is going to be in India centrally sold Ranga say a pre resume birthday in the Mishima homopolymer in collage arm culture a lot embody in the education system we look up for tomorrow but lately recently actually dang other an area correctly record theorem Bob but I'm of Aleppo Dias of linking and yes are they unaware he'll initially gave me a really solid against Eddie I am Anna Sangam card accorded the gate day getting I am other one this city he said he says it are the implement benevolent no I'm putting her today no date are me on even upon mikulina so dragon Park alone Erica regular room but some amaz from Lydia Mukunda boycotted Rama super ammonia or Oda Carta McCauley people grandpa in the video as I say the Surya Minardi here yes various on happening abroad operating Lutheran or Arabic or at a secondary one said you know that Surya gave me an education policy but they wear out the wreath or paces are said video life or define along want to be a CVC school everybody Jenner Yemen a journalist open an additional Brianna Gaiman write it up an eye infernally anybody here summarizing and be armed by the other parties in Britannia now look honey yeah I won't parent nobody hopefully I'll get the tailoring but there's Lama Surya Courtney and nobody give me my refund he has a video know him from Adam I know it's all about women you were pasted in at the counter I love hardware and Patong CBAC school Kendriya Vidyalaya and now are they as cool as Edwards collegiately be very busy putting it up putting you Danny and if you wanna get ready in here any other yelling you know in your pocket online yeah yeah a lot of Mariano rather a lotta fun declaring your disapproval rather put the a cola-cola you gonna do the polar winter market operation over Andrea Romano and Dean they wish it that there is Surya – hallelujah I would only party gather yeah he 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  1. Tamil is useful only in House and outside the House in Tamil Nadu.Skill and English are necessary to work in foreign countries.Skill , English and Hindi are necessary to work in other States in India.As all Schemes in India are in Hindi,there is only benefit for us if we learn Hindi.Further it is a Link language spoken all over India and no State opposes it .Now TN is in 8th or 10 th position in every indicator .If we learn Hindi , we will reach first position. Above all, we can vote for national parties , as Regional parties are dynasty parties and are doing dacoity. We can understand what our Prime minister speaks.Hence read and learn Hindi.

  2. Modu mutti suppuru ellathukkum tholilnutpatha membadutha athutha muyarchikku poganum ..saambar Maari itha vachikittu ukkandhuruka mudiyathu…nee palaya Mari button type phone eh maattu vandilaye povendithana ippo edhuku car smart phone vachirukka…

  3. இந்த அறிவாளி இப்போது தான் கொஞ்சம் உணர்ச்சி பூர்வமாக பேசுகிறார் .யாரும் ஏமாந்துவிட வேண்டாம்.இப்போது வரும் புதிய கல்விக்கொள்கையில் தேசிய கல்வி ஆணையம் அமைக்கப்படும் அதன் தலைவராக பிரதமர் இருப்பார்.

    முதல் ஆப்பு அடிக்கப்படுவது இரண்டாம் வாய்ப்பாடு கூட சரியாக்க சொல்ல தெரியாத வாத்தியார் அல்ஜிப்ராவும் டிரிக்னோமேற்றியும் சொல்லிக்கொடுக்கும் அவலத்தை தூக்க போகிறார்கள்.டெட் எக்ஸாம் மூலம் வாத்தியாருக்கு என்ன தெரியும் என்று பார்க்க போகிறார்கள் .

    அதனால் தான் இந்த வாத்தியார் கல்விக்கொள்கையை பேசாமல் டெட் பற்றி உளறுகிறர்.இன்னிமலே வகுப்பில் வெத்தலை போட்டுகொண்டு கதை சொல்லி சம்பளம் வாங்க முடியாது .பொங்கறான் பாருங்கள் பயம் பயம்

  4. ஈயும் பூசண மாதிரி இருக்கணும் பூசாத மாதிரி இருக்கணும்

  5. Sir , language is not a skill or knowledge …It's a medium to communicate …
    Learning anything in mother toung is very easy and it will improves the knowledge.

  6. Sotta punda..Kena punda…bjp ku than nai support panum..Ana directa panatha mathri pesum…nai pesuratha vachu easya kandupidichuralam

  7. He is a rss bloke. Two questions. No answer. 1) caste based teachers. Ans: no hard fast rule. 2) குல கல்வி. Ans: my brother was benefitted by it. Piss off

  8. இது வரை பயமுறுத்தும் வகையில் எல்லோரும் பேசியதில் ஓரளவு மூச்சு விடும் அளவு நல்லது இருப்பதாக தெரிகிறது

  9. இந்த பயங்கரம் soft ரொம்ப soft ஆனால் மரணம் நிச்சயம். பிஜேபி பல விதமான அயுதங்களை பயன்படுத்தும்.

  10. நடுநிலையாக இருப்பதைவிட, நடுநிலையாளராக தன்னை
    காட்டிக்கொள்வது கொஞ்சம் கஷ்டம்தான்.

  11. மாரிதாஸ் அண்ணாவின் அருமையான வளர்ச்சி!!!

    எப்படா நம்ம பேட்டியை போடுவாங்கனு ஏங்கிக் கிடக்கும் கட்சி/சமூக பிரபலங்கள் மத்தியில்

    யார் அழைத்தாலும் இந்தபயனற்ற விவாதங்களில் பங்கேற்க மாட்டேன் என்ற கொள்கையோடு இருந்தாலும்

    இன்றைக்கு அவர் பெயரை விமர்சித்தால் அல்லது அவரது பெயரை பயன்படுத்தினால்தான் Views வரும் என்னும் நிலைமைக்கு வந்திருப்பது தான் வளர்ச்சி

    Slow and steady wins Salute Mari Anna.

  12. இவர் (ராமசுப்ரமணியம் ) சென்னை பல்கலைக்கழகத்தில் பேராசியராக இருந்தவர்.
    retire ஆகிட்டார், மாதம் 80000 ரூபாய் பென்ஷன் வாங்குகிறார்.
    இவர் (ராமசுப்ரமணியம் ) 6 தனியார் CBSE பள்ளியை நடத்திக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறார். அதன் மூலம் கோடிக்கணக்கில் வருமானம் வருகிறது .
    எங்கே மத்திய அரசு நவோதயா பள்ளிகளை திறந்து ஏழைகளுக்கு இலவசமாக CBSE யை கொடுத்தல் , இவருக்கு வருமானம் குறையும் என்பதால், CBSE யையும் நவோதயா பள்ளிகளையும் எதிர்க்கிறார்.
    ராமசுப்ரமணியம் கருநாய்நிதியின் மற்றோரு கைக்கூலி

  13. இந்த வீடியோ பார்ப்பான்கள் எப்படி உண்மைகளைத் திரித்து, பல பொய்களைக் கலந்து, மக்களின் காதுகளில் இனிமையாக ஒலிக்கச் செய்து ஏமாற்றி வருகிறார்கள் என்பதற்கான சான்று.

  14. பாஜக சப்போட் பண்ணாலும் ஒரு சில விடயங்களில் நியாயத்தை பேசுகிறார்.

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