निवेश मात्र 2400 रु, आपके PORTFOLIO में चार चाँद लगा देगा # LATEST SHARE MARKET NEWS#

welcome to olefin and circus arsenal jaha prop cozier market mutual friend Ithaca berry Mesa he or sticks on caramel t hey those two map Kopitar do are just okay bar mmm bath carnival a disc a bar maybe starts it starts occurring a or ETA spoke up k portfolio may have the anyways cannot Sato to bahattar in mocha is toke me a BB available heads-up k portfolio meets our channel Agha Agha Janicki RK portfolio keep artista upkeep portfolio keys assigning a Houska a stroke but I guy but I got to be food for you madam written Sangay so definitely ask a portfolio may signing I give ya happiest okay bar Ma Barker anyways mater Okeechobee Tsuru pika – ha got so Fisher pika – key idea of the slow kappa portfolio merit a so definitely spooky so cmp a current market price who had to 40 rupees key or here the obtain KO x o4 t say to throw visa rupiah month ahead or two hundred forty rupees QP a stock trade Karev's P ratio key baath karoonga price to earnings ratio key become a peer comparison cause of stroke sense whom could be happy compare Karuma returns then I start console Caius horoscope calm Nita be happy by recommendation made a lotta Zamir spoke negative returns there aha Lake in Abby's token a positive returns then start can be a sati sati script by heterodon demented say for his cocaine the a kami hey woofer motor skip pleasing key you can be static Oh analyze curtatone is six criteria Co analyze Cartier's whose K body CB stroke oh yeah hop acred re Carnegie salad eater horrea dismiss a aerobatic OED ham ignore karna Pareto card at a lake in Jogja page da da da da da ta Hafiz this key fundamental strongly ho dose EHR data topic ravu whose kocoum avoid car death a – yaja p8 data caja p.m. the place in serco Taurus at aura otherwise the period Suki bath crew price to earnings ratio keep occurring ito 37k have HP ratio PF darmani to ki jo sector has his k peer comparison Cato Stokes a group 14 9 KP ratio Cooper trading array or EMA bath crew price to book value the price to book value to have a 13 point at 5 KS or yaw pay dividend yelled keepeth Carlo by your Bano to hood 0.72% kya ROC keepeth carrying a return on capital employment key – yaja P 73 74 Kellenberger or ro e b 36 kokoro skirt even Azaria a BB attractive value since curious stock trade garage or pasilla videos of am never nasa to be a stroke attractive value since your perhaps lake in CMP method is a downside 3 he'll be a BB McConaughey UK a BB attractive Ellison skipper a veteran P ratio pay he'll be hectoring dividend yield head price to book value is also very good ROC and ro e don't look at Don Lupe hater in hell I'm quality key bottleneck or a two-year bodka see ho sakta hey it's so accident quality company those suits all is rupak a stroke or would be up to canopy mildred excellent quality cure for a meal ahead as per management risk a growth and capital sticks are a excellent quality company basis of long-term financial performances or up in a sec turkey largest company here happening said turkeys of subsea buddy company hey whoa Ishika namitha hair or do city map copa-data do keystroke me up anyways karaage lumbus MAA tessa business model hair unique business model hair jaha / OpCo kabhi big nukes on Hanukkah John says 0% 0% ha ha ha those in charge in my stroke making out Rosati a lake in the ADEA play those all co police no code Kalia so definitely boy returns comic Arcadia DiSchiavi nias ability o QE Abbate balrog kooky cells grow to the hewa whiskey 35% kokoro score to Kihei EBIT grows ohio 41 super key has or you have been added depth to equity key vodka 20.50 key head companies care for depth Hanako body botany and lake in depth come manage karna or depth cape you hop is secured or unsecured lanka manage cannot both body bother the Cohiba company could be spoken Kobe management yet the depth to equity ratio co-manage maker para play depth commands para ISKCON Mottola Bob Cousy time waha C exit Hosanna key solid izzati hey those two Pepsi up a spooky written to forgive in Fatah satis a couple Osakis for car see but sucked a profit up Keys Pro Kart 7 s @a makes took a selection keys per car say karta hoon a co-driver keys per car see market can their security Bunker clinicals by or you hop a nifty Patricia Patricia these percent career increase precursor Kumasi to money control pay up companies flow cookies per car say analyzed constructive compare curses total not look at the end cursor to say cursor to Yahweh or map kobata do you do a broker Mars a Yeti FK broker make bankrupted FK broker Kate Damascus colossal wrath to up cookies per carcass out honey opportunity a whose video cut amnelis Asia the openings amake a crow to pay market key value ok 8 crore rupee or wrapped a broker burgerito orange a he thumbnail wala video mutual friend scooper bielugutai Jessie Jessie many of kimitaka kiss pro Cara Coburn a stroke coach at Carmack's who cheaper karuppu mutual funds carefully scheme Kovacic ah ah yeh video catherine video share market key basic knowledge valet video there or a concave playlist by a disc a link of co video can eat a meal jaga dividend payout ratio 33.8% catherine dividend payout ratio or heheh pesky written ski the vodka a tour returns be this token e up Denise Ricardian returns be a business Dennis Luker there to kick teen Salman 74% keratin singapore technique immense ookay Ordo psalm a abacus baga NAA thus % k written sang or y hopper uptick okay eh Salomon CIRA positive sad CR % irritants a legend a valid enemy vehicle low beta stroke a zero point zero net with the Sensex a 4y hopper AK sikri Derek arnica mocha meal right here till date giveth guru past of January 2019 Chabad to Yahweh pants 80% key upside their honeycomb in Suki here Tamina keepeth Carlo same enemy arts in no percent k+ written say teen my name is chairperson turkey upside Hamid technical Mizuki head the one month maybe our two percent aqui a and stoke Obadiah when we came about Karuma – it with matine's HR percent that are super or one day yeah Nicki Friday Caden be exceeded percent key upside yeah hopper technical meant to be here financial conditions keep occurring a key financial conditions crisper car key you have a net sells t supercar key ari Hait operating profit case for car Cara net profit case for car Cara or Martin scan the Canada Bob Tecna Camilla the me bath car town marketing Jamar's nineteen quarter ski results key Aniki year-on-year growth rahi addy grow three walkie screen Cooper visible head or market in say March 19 quarter square is X Co analyze collegiate a kazar EXO's abyss Croce donates LT monocle K a kazar dough so checker on key or Sode Sode Sode percent key upside yaja poor technique Amelia those to you demerit videos are telegraphed to like her then a subscribe cardinal bail I can conjure ooh the Medina who's Kelly may our Plunkett idols in the Nevada curtain 164 Caracas operating profits a monocle k of 167 croakie or yaja / exceed 8% k upside I'm a technical Mizuki here net profit Kabbalah to buy your vanities percent upside a net profit me took him March 18 major net profit is awake so teen Kurata or yaja prom app kobata do this bars on that profit I have 140 croaker XO solace croaker net profit hamper technical milray or 30% key upside a hopper technical Mizuki here a competitor in a net profit me upside the henna common area Satish a sentence percent key upside I mean net profit me technical military margins Chabad kanata margins major auto DC get out technique Amelia Lake in margins Coelho maintain car Nemecek summer or 0.06 percent kick it out a otherwise uptick ok tonette cells make a tee up side sake sad may the bath chrome operating profit may or net profit method satisha senses % k upside I made the iconic Amelie here company Kate business model cause Amazon Akiko Suzuki J key company kiss / car key business may have to make a vodka rock Crompton Greaves consumer key or jiske apana industry may it number Q parity happened raha Zardo so soda cruel keto market capitalization a electrical so consumer census 71% key of the lighting products a 28% key income Laker campaign you have him a bath guru in caper motor ski holding keys per car key to walk his screen key opal on Akiko's is Karuma or yaha Parag Dixit to Pelham a Stoke ecmp of ke saamne like a kennel or SWAT ISA to appear a shoe de kado through a hopper updates a to keystrokes away for 2 40 rupees kill portrayed correct or yaja paper issue with the appear comparison case of Stokes a monkey pee ratio the cogito 49 Coco's car to care to hear spoken at T 1 percent key delivery a Viviana poor technical means to hear or many barbers occur kita keystroke make tortoise Iike me hey doma aapke saamne Laker kianga Yamaha kill Sam Neil acre Keawe Port Pirie a hopper NS your BAC K code B member today town Kakaako bad may generic stroke a nominee potential are five three nine eight seven six is Bombay Stock Exchange record EPS or Crompton and a seekakulam yaja Padilla vodka August okay returns key to returns with veteran Vega SATA static courtesy comida hey rocky scream Cooper Milan Akiko sister owner or thirty four point three seven percent keeper motor ski holding him licking permit risky holding me 48 % ki Holding Co give me the cover yay c'mere weary school ignore easily as RI to kill a log upon a depth to manage karna me suck Samia the depth Melinda karate to her me hop is to produce Lapointe moniker keshto covered connect a solid they they they lay kini hopper he is up near depth Kosambi secured or unsecured loan keepeth curry the managed care name is eczema who is 8.0 hominid another and Agia yaha PFI scheme a bathroom at or 30% key holding a fi ski or you happy – 37 – a those societies are finally upon EBS Kiowa the mutual fund scheme Ithaca mutual fund airplane takeoff finished a Co are happening Holding Co you have increased ki or fourteen point eight to one percent key holding hair Ori Adam a basket of mutual friends kiss of caste scheme at the seven scheme Neha per person anyways kiya where insurance companies in the koi bhi person anyways Nakia individual in vodka rate 0.36% key holding s de nani querida waha behold current abrini denying leave a scar Nakata hey Mooney viscosity hey Abby be attractive we loosen skipper it'll opq for a tiara see grote a tiara e grote at sea cells growth at EBIT growth a methylene irritants a potential have growth key financial conditions method in a company car business model method in a be hopper thank you for watching my video or our plug-in Cathedral City Nevada op captain a YouTube channel Ola finance go subscribe connect le Olaf an escape Facebook page go like and follow kinetically or toggle sadhana vodka now Mumbai or ven aqua dome area videos co-op Nia please social media cube per share carpe the neva

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