अनाथाचे बोल , गरिबीची वाट, आणि शिक्षणाची आस!

I was born in a very poor family I was five years old. my first childhood emotional memory was related to my fathers death. My second memory was related to my grandfathers death And third memory was extremely shocking Growing up in a poor family was never easy but that poverty made positive impact on my very innocent heart to be successful ! If we approach bad circumstances as a challenge and see them as another opportunity to grow or use it to push us we will be successful I am going to share my life journey Why? Don’t feel sorry for me! I am sharing it so that some of you may take it as an inspiration In May 2019, I graduated from an American Institute with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology After the graduation, I received phone calls and text messages where my friends and family congratulated me Some people made posts on facebook and whatsapp! If you haven’t seen it here it is These posts were made by people who supported me along the way who saw me growing up in difficult conditions My name is Ravina Kate. I was born in Bopodi, Pune . Then I had to move to different cities in Pune and then I landed in the USA How? Was I rich? NO I was born in a very poor family I was five years old. My first childhood emotional memory was related to my fathers death. Second memory was my grandfathers death And third memory was extremely shocking We were stable financially until my father and grandfather passed away After that My single mother had to take care of us She was not so educated , therefore she didn’t get good jobs She didn’t know much about the world outside of our house She didn’t loose hopes She was hardworking She cleaned people’s houses, worked in people’s farms under the heating sun! I grew up seeing her do so much hard work for us I knew I needed take us out of poverty and become successful My goal was education In my school I used to be part of several extra curriculum activities and competitions Dance, Speech, Act , and more Every small and big opportunity was important to me ! Thirds Incident …when I was 13 years old When i stood in front of my mothers dead body I had no tears in my eyes because my heart and mind didn’t believe that my mother was no more I thought it was a nightmare No ..it was a reality After this I had to take big decisions for me and my sisters Because these decisions were going to predict our futures Don’t forget to watch next video How did I do this at the age of 13 If you like this video , please share it with your friends Hit the subscribe button to receive instant notifications about new videos Thank you so much! Goodbye

13 thoughts on “अनाथाचे बोल , गरिबीची वाट, आणि शिक्षणाची आस!”

  1. Khup sundar pillya…mla mahite ayushyat aashi khup yashashi uttung shikhare tula gatayachi aahe…i really proud of you dear…

  2. Hey Ravina!! As pinch of part of your life journey till the date.I am proud of you and glad that you unfold your those corner of heart which have kind of emotional trauma.Its required lots of courage to revive those memories which brings you very much of emotions. And Yes it will be inspire to many. And all the very best to your You tube channel..keep growing and inspiring…!!!

  3. Hi Ravina,
    I just saw your first video of life journey and adventure…
    Firstly congratulations on your bachelor's degree… Nice initiative you have taken, may your story brings ray of hope to other people's lives… Keep going sweetheart…😘

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